a ring of abstract people making a circle
a ring of abstract people making a circle

who are we?

We Are The Village Consulting is a team of mental health and health professionals who provide

Behaviour Consultation and Planning, Family Advocacy and Navigation Services, along with Professional

Training and Development. 


We believe in reviving positivity in work environments through a deeper understanding of those we support,

along with our own needs in providing that support. We believe it takes a village to raise a child and we extend that sentiment to all those in our community and truly emunlate that we can be the change we wish to see by simply

returning to the foundation of all service - human connection. In order to affect the change we wish to see, we all

are a part of the village that can do so


Dementia & Behaviour Series
Mental Health Matters - Making Sense of It
Palliative Care Essentials for
Front Line and Family Series


training opportunities


tracey ibrahim

lead consultant & behaviour specialist

Tracey has been a mental health practitioner since the 1990’s. 

She began her career graduating from the Child & Youth Worker Program with education in psychology and behaviour. She gained valuable and tangible education and experience in individual counselling, as well as, group counselling and process.

peggy williams

family advocacy & navigation services

Peggy has been in the medical field as a Registered Nurse since the late 1990’s.

She began her career graduating from Conestoga College with Honors in the

Registered Nursing program, gaining experience in all areas of nursing including Geriatrics and Psychology. She remains in good standing with the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario and The College of Nurses of Ontario.